Parade Preview – January 23, 2018

Exhibit Space is now open to ALL Members! To claim your spot, please contact Jamie Elliott at 812-479-6026. The Parade Preview is where the Builders are!
The 2018 show is set for January 23rd in the Tropicana Walnut Room and Atrium and is PACKED with incentives for builders to attend!

What is Parade Preview?

An exciting exhibition of the newest in home buying trends – from sinks, to windows, and paint to floorplans. Every facet of the homebulding industry is represented including insulation, siding,payroll services, lending, audio video and automotive!

Why should associates participate?

Reach Parade Builders in ONE location in a single evening!
• Sell your product or service in front of your product display!
• The cost of booth space pales in comparison to the time and money you spend setting appointments and tracking down Parade Builders
• At the Preview, Builders ARE the targeted audience and SIBA offers Parade Builders special incentives to be there.
Contact Jamie Elliott at the SIBA office to reserve your space!

Click HERE to download the Parade Preview Exhibitor Contract

Why should Builders attend?

1) Each Builder member company gets two free attendees
2) $500 discount from the first Parade entry
3) Builders can enter a drawing to win their choice of: 1) ONE FREE PARADE ENTRY, on a “use-it-or-lose-it” basis. The entry is nontransferrable and non-exchangeable; OR 2) the first Builder drawn may opt to win a free renewal of their SIBA membership! Must be in attendance to win either prize!
4) Plenty of Prizes – Each exhibitor will be required to give a prize of $25 value or greater. Exhibitors are allowed to conduct their own drawings for prizes, and SIBA will help announce winners!
5) NEW! Attend for your chance to participate in the Parade Magazine Cover photo auction!