SIBA Quality Standards.


The Indiana Quality Assurance Builder Standards (QABS) program, developed by the Indiana Builders Association, is a series of performance standards that both consumers and builders can use to communicate and understand each other’s expectations regarding building and remodeling projects.

  • This encourages professionalism within the home building industry and increases the likelihood that consumers will have satisfactory experiences when building or remodeling homes.
  • Only members of the Southwestern Indiana Builders Association can participate in the QABS program locally, so working with a SIBA member is the only way you can get the assurances the QABS program provides. When you sign a contract to work with a SIBA member, you’ll receive an Indiana QABS manual that does the following:
  • Establishes construction standards for home building
  • Includes descriptions of major areas of construction
  • Eliminates and prevents misunderstandings by addressing the vast majority of the questions that arise in the course of the typical construction or remodeling process
  • Provides protection for the consumer and the builder by defining the builder’s and the homeowner’s responsibilities
  • Defines for consumers what to expect before, during and after the completion of a project
  • Provides a mechanism for resolving conflicts
  • Ensures customer satisfaction

For detailed information about the Standards program, contact the SIBA office or contact a builder who has committed to QABS… a SIBA member!