Application Process.


Membership in SIBA is a privilege granted by the Southwestern Indiana Builders Association to individuals, partnerships and companies that conduct their business with the utmost concern for quality and integrity and which are committed to the betterment of the building industry.

The following outlines the process for applying to be a SIBA member:

  1. Get a sponsor. All applicants for SIBA membership must be sponsored by a current member who is in good standing. Please note that your sponsor will submit a written sponsorship form. Check our Member Directory for a list of current SIBA members.
  2. Submit an application form. If you do not have one, click here to download a PDF version now. When you mail your form to the SIBA office, be sure to include the following:
    • The names of all owners, partners, members, shareholders, principals or other parties who have financial interest in your company.
    • A description of your company’s primary business activity.
    • Payment in advance of $680.00 for first year’s dues and fees.
  3. Committee Recommendation. Within 90 days of receiving your application form and the sponsorship form, the SIBA Membership Committee will conduct any necessary follow-ups and make a recommendation to the Board of Directors to either approve or not approve your application. The Board of Directors will then vote to either accept or reject your application for membership.
  4. Board Decision. The Board of Directors has the final decision as to whether to approve or reject an applicant for membership, at their sole discretion, taking into account the following:
    • SIBA by-laws and code of ethics,
    • SIBA rules, standards and policies,
    • SIBA’s best interests,
    • Whether the applicant will comply will all requirements of membership, and
    • Any other factor(s) deemed relevant to the Board of Directors.
  5. Not Approved? In the event that an applicant is not approved for membership,
    • The dues payment that accompanied the application will be returned
    • The applicant can submit a written letter of objection to the SIBA Executive Director within 15 days after receiving notice of the decision made by the Board of Directors
    • The applicant may make another application for membership after six months, and/or
    • The applicant may appeal the decision.

For more information or to speak directly to someone about the process for applying for SIBA membership, please contact us today.