Vectren Indiana 2017 Residential New Construction Program Application

Vectren has a new application for their residential new construction program for 2017. There are two parts for these new applications. There is a part 1, which is the builder participation form that should be sent in along with your W9. Builders only have to complete the Builder Participation Form one time. The form will remain on file for the entire program year. Please complete this form as soon as you can even if you do not have part 2 of the application ready to go.

Part 2 is the home information form. This part will be used for each home that you are applying for the Home Energy Rating Systems (HERS). Unless noted otherwise, all fields must be completed on the application to receive a rebate. Incomplete applications will not be processed. You can also fill these forms out online by visiting Vectren’s website at

For more information you can contact Kristen Cain Outreach Specialist.
 Direct number 812.568.0735.

Part 1: Application

Part 2: Application