Our Members.


Hundreds of companies make-up the SIBA membership.  Our members cover just about every aspect of building and construction.  For remodeling and repairs, or for subcontractor work, or for subdivision information – you need to make the right call.  Find the right professional here in our searchable database of members!

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2-10 Home Buyers Warranty

Contact: Chris Parker
Work 13900 E. Harvard Avenue Aurora CO 80014 Work Phone: 812-391-4009 Website: http://www.2-10.com
Member Type: Associate

31 W Insulation Co.

Contact: Darek Lewis
Work 3820 US 41 Alt South Henderson KY 42420 Work Phone: 270-826-2868 Work Fax: 270-827-0769 Website: http://www.31w.com/
Member Type: Associate

5 Star Security Systems

Contact: Chad Bennett
Work 525 State St Newburgh IN 47630 Work Phone: 812-490-4000 Work Fax: 812-490-4111 Website: http://www.5StarSecuritySystems.com
Member Type: Associate

ABC Supply Company Inc.

Contact: Jim Ogden
Work 2500 HWY 41 North Evansville IN 47711 Work Phone: 812-424-1251 Work Fax: 812-424-1454 Website: https://www.abcsupply.com/
Member Type: Associate

Action Pest Control

Contact: Jennifer Gaddis
Work 2301 S Green River Rd Evansville IN 47715 Work Phone: 812-477-5546 Work Fax: 812-473-3431 Website: http://www.actionpest.com
Member Type: Associate

AFLAC Insurance

Contact: Mark Buettner
Work 8233 Chestnut Drive Newburgh IN 47630 Work Phone: 812-480-6295
Member Type: Associate

All Weather Products Inc

Contact: Karen Roberts
Work 8346 Baumgart Rd Evansville IN 47725 Work Phone: 812-867-6403 Work Fax: 812-867-0257
Member Type: Associate

Alliant Mechanical Services

Contact: Jimmy Schiff
Work 1316 W. Maryland Street Evansville IN 47710 Work Phone: 812-402-0048 Work Fax: 812-423-0056 Website: https://alliantmechanicalservices.com/
Member Type: Associate

Altstadt Plumbing

Contact: Chip Altstadt
Work 1401 Buchanan Road Evansville IN 47720 Work Phone: 812-425-9389 Work Fax: 812-424-9591
Member Type: Associate

Ambrose Construction Inc

Contact: Hollie Ambrose
Work 12489 South Owensville Road Haubstadt IN 47639 Work Phone: 812-457-9037 Work Fax: 812-768-9905 Website: http://www.ambroseconstructioninc.com/
Member Type: Builder

American Grease and Septic, LLC

Contact: Kyle McClain
Work PO Box 70 Warrick Chandler Indiana 47610 United States Work Phone: 812-588-0038 Website: http://www.americangreaseandseptic.com/
Member Type: Associate

American Seal Coaters LLC

Contact: Luke Wallis
Work PO Box 4026 Evansville IN 47724 Work Phone: 812-431-3375
Member Type: Builder

American Wholesalers Inc

Work 3509 American Way Evansville IN 47711 Work Phone: 812-464-8781 Website: http://www.americanwholesalers.biz/
Member Type: Associate

Archer Insurance

Contact: Jim Kratochvil
Work 2603 N. 1st Avenue Evansville IN 47710 Work Phone: 812-464-3633 Work Fax: 812-424-6423 Website: http://www.myarcherins.com/
Member Type: Associate

Architectural Metal Roofing Supply

Contact: John Woodall
Work 1400 N. Cullen Avenue Evansville IN 47715 Work Phone: 812-423-5257 Work Fax: 812-437-5258 Website: http://www.amrs-evansville.com
Member Type: Associate

B M B, Inc

Contact: Scott Bowman
Work 3614 Citadel Circle Newburgh IN 47630 Work Phone: 812-867-5431 Work Fax: 812-867-5433 Cell Phone: 812-305-2950
Member Type: Associate

B-Dry Systems of SW Indiana

Contact: Joe Neth
Work PO Box 399 Newburgh IN 47629 Work Phone: 812-436-2379 Work Fax: 812-436-0257 Website: https://www.bdry.com/
Member Type: Associate

Badger Construction Inc

Contact: Bill Badger
Work 4348 Hunting Ridge Circle Newburgh IN 47630 Work Phone: 812-401-9989 Work Fax: 812-401-9974
Member Type: Builder

Banterra Bank

Contact: Chris Rutledge
Work 133 Cross Pointe Blvd. Evansville Indiana 47715 Work Phone: 812-475-2866 Website: http://www.banterra.com
Member Type: Associate

Barnett & Associates, Inc.

Contact: Damon Barnett
Work 4539 Rimridge Drive Evansville IN 47711 Work Phone: 812-479-9074 Work Fax: 812-479-9542 Website: http://www.barnettassociatesinc.com
Member Type: Associate

Barrington Custom Homes, LLC

Contact: Aaron Miller
Work PO Box 1205 Newburgh IN 47629 Work Phone: 812-853-9883 Work Fax: 812-490-6755
Member Type: Builder

Bayer’s Plumbing Inc

Contact: Maria Bayer
Work 7944 Bell Oaks Dr Newburgh IN 47630-2547 Work Phone: 812-853-2305 Work Fax: 812-853-2807 Website: http://www.BayersPlumbing.com
Member Type: Associate

BD Miller Consulting

Work 719 East 450 South Washington IN 47501 Work Phone: 812-459-4613
Member Type: Associate

Becher Brothers Construction, LLC

Contact: Jonah Becher
Work 2315 Glenview Drive A. Evansville IN 47720 Work Phone: 812-228-9196
Member Type: Builder

Benjamin Moore & Co.

Work 9101 Ford Rd S Mount Vernon IN 47620 Work Phone: 812-204-9258
Member Type: Associate

Benny’s Flooring, LLC

Contact: Benny DeTalente
Work 7510 Peachwood Drive Newburgh IN 47630 Work Phone: 812-858-7024 Website: http://bennysflooringin.com/
Member Type: Associate

Benthall Bros Inc

Contact: Jeff Montgomery
Work 15 Read St Evansville IN 47710 Work Phone: 812-424-0413 Work Fax: 812-424-4750 Website: http://www.benthallbros.com/
Member Type: Associate

Beuligmann Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC

Contact: Susan Beuligmann
Work 5901 HWY 68 Poseyville IN 47633 Work Phone: 812-874-3149 Website: http://www.beuligmann.com/
Member Type: Associate

Biggins Construction Inc.

Work 2599 Bussing Road Boonville IN 47601 Work Phone: 812-499-4818 Work Fax: 812-897-6678
Member Type: Builder

Bill Egli Concrete Construction

Work PO Box 6794 Evansville IN 47719 Work Phone: 812-985-5903
Member Type: Associate

Bill Morgan Roofing and Construction, LLC

Work 4711 Gardner Road Chandler IN 47610 Work Phone: 812-499-5892 Website: http://billmorganroofing.com/
Member Type: Builder

Blackwell Drywall Inc

Contact: Ronald W. Blackwell
Work 36 W Morgan Ave Evansville IN 47710 Work Phone: 812-429-1098 Work Fax: 812-434-0514
Member Type: Associate

Blinds Etc.

Work 1622 Square Deal Mine Road Boonville IN 47601 Work Phone: 812-430-0301 Work Fax: 812-490-8806
Member Type: Associate

Blinds for Every Size

Contact: Lars Kierspel
Work 5100 Sequoia Drive Newburgh Indiana 47630 Work Phone: 812-550-8148 Website: https://www.blindsforeverysize.com/
Member Type: Associate

Blue & Co., Inc.

Contact: Brad Minor
Work Phone: 317-428-6841 Website: https://www.blueandco.com/
Member Type: Associate

Boonville Natural Gas

Contact: Lynnette Lewellyn
Work 1425 N. Rockport Road Boonville IN Work Phone: 812-897-3000 Work Fax: 812-897-2277 Website: http://www.bngas.com/contact_us.html
Member Type: Associate

Bosse Title Company

Contact: Jeff A. Bosse
Work 501 Main St, Ste 101 Evansville IN 47708 Work Phone: 812-421-4000 Work Fax: 812-421-4090 Website: http://www.jeffbosse.com
Member Type: Associate

Bower Construction, Inc.

Contact: Bernie Bower
Work 1245 12th Street Tell City IN 47586 Work Phone: 812-547-1001 Work Fax: 812-547-3864 Website: http://www.bowerremodel.com
Member Type: Builder

Brandeis Machinery

Contact: Bob Morris
Work 17000 HWY 41 N Evansville IN 47725 Work Phone: 812-425-4491 Work Fax: 812-425-1171 Website: https://brandeismachinery.com/
Member Type: Associate

Brian Stevens Homes Inc

Contact: Emily Stevens
Work 2919 W. 1200 South Haubstadt IN 47639 Work Phone: 812-457-6153 Work Fax: 812-768-5103 Website: http://www.brianstevenshomes.com/
Member Type: Builder

Brian’s Concrete Supplies, Inc.

Contact: Dave Wyatt
Work 1713 W Franklin St. Evansville IN 47712 Work Phone: 812-473-3549 Work Fax: 812-473-3657 Website: http://briansconcretesupply.com/
Member Type: Associate

Budget Blinds of Newburgh

Contact: Tyler Steckler
Home 4388 Brandywine Dr Warrick Newburgh IN 47630 United States Work Phone: 812-490-4457
Member Type: Associate

Mark J Buettner

Owner/ Principal/Partner AFLAC
Home 8233 Chestnut Drive Warrick Newburgh Indiana 47630 Home Phone: 812-480-6295
Member Type: Associate

Bufco Electric

Contact: Terry Holt
Work 2305 N. Kentucky Avenue Evansville IN 47711 Work Phone: 812-425-9031 Work Fax: 812-425-3066
Member Type: Associate

Cabinets and Counters Inc

Contact: Anna Clouse
Work 7000 Savannah Dr Newburgh IN 47630 Work Phone: 812-858-3300 Work Fax: 812-858-3305 Website: http://cabinetscounters.com/
Member Type: Associate

CAC Development Company, LLC

Work 1422 N. Stockwell Road Evansville IN 47715 Work Phone: 812-457-9003 Work Fax: 812-477-2966
Member Type: Builder

CAPE Comm. Action Prgm of EVV

Work 401 S.E. 6th Street; Suite 001 Evansville IN 47713 Work Phone: 812-492-3952 Work Fax: 812-491-6147 Website: http://www.capeevansville.org
Member Type: Builder

Cash Waggner & Associates PC

Contact: Calvin Cash
Work 414 Citadel Cir, Ste B Evansville IN 47715 Work Phone: 812-401-5561 Work Fax: 812-401-5563 Website: http://www.cashwaggner.com
Member Type: Associate

Chapman Construction

Contact: Chris Chapman
Work 3900 East Baseline Road Evansville IN 47725 Work Phone: 812-760-7126 Work Fax: 812-473-2695 Website: http://www.chapmanconstructionllc.com/
Member Type: Associate

Chastain Excavating

Contact: Jerry Chastain III
Work 8220 Darnell School Road Mt. Vernon IN 47620 Work Phone: 812-985-5514 Work Fax: 812-985-5514
Member Type: Associate