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Hundreds of companies make-up the SIBA membership.  Our members cover just about every aspect of building and construction.  For remodeling and repairs, or for subcontractor work, or for subdivision information – you need to make the right call.  Find the right professional here in our searchable database of members!

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Ambrose Construction Inc

Contact: Hollie Ambrose
Work 12489 South Owensville Road Haubstadt IN 47639 Work Phone: 812-457-9037 Work Fax: 812-768-9905 Website: http://www.ambroseconstructioninc.com/
Member Type: Builder

Barrington Custom Homes, LLC

Contact: Aaron Miller
Work PO Box 1205 Newburgh IN 47629 Work Phone: 812-853-9883 Work Fax: 812-490-6755
Member Type: Builder

Becher Brothers Construction, LLC

Contact: Jonah Becher
Work 2130 Commercial Court Evansville IN 47720 Work Phone: 812-228-9196
Member Type: Builder

Bower Construction, Inc.

Contact: Bernie Bower
Work 1245 12th Street Tell City IN 47586 Work Phone: 812-547-1001 Work Fax: 812-547-3864 Website: http://www.bowerremodel.com
Member Type: Builder

Brian Stevens Homes Inc

Contact: Brian Stevens
Work 2919 W. 1200 South Haubstadt IN 47639 Work Phone: 812-457-6153 Work Fax: 812-768-5103 Website: http://www.brianstevenshomes.com/
Member Type: Builder

BWS Residential

Contact: Bill Woods
Work 1105 S. Main Street Princeton IN 47670 Work Phone: 317-416-4031
Member Type: Builder

CAC Custom Homes

Work 1422 N. Stockwell Road Evansville IN 47715 Work Phone: 812-457-9003 Work Fax: 812-477-2966
Member Type: Builder

CAPE Comm. Action Program of Evansville

Contact: Rashawnda Bonds
Work 401 S.E. 6th Street; Suite 001 Evansville IN 47713 Work Phone: 812-492-3952 Work Fax: 812-491-6147 Website: http://www.capeevansville.org
Member Type: Builder

Comfort Homes

Work 2400 E Morgan Ave Evansville IN 47711 Work Phone: 812-473-5555 Work Fax: 812-473-9999 Website: http://wwwsaycomfort.com
Member Type: Builder

Community One

Contact: Randy Brack
Work 402 S. Green River Rd. Evansville IN 47630 Work Phone: 812-250-6888 Website: https://www.community1.org/
Member Type: Builder

Conti Homes LLC

Work 7300 Bent Branch Evansville IN 47711 Work Phone: 812-453-9705 Work Fax: 812-401-8821 Website: http://contihomesevansville.com/
Member Type: Builder

Core Contractors, Inc

Contact: Jerri Hatfield
Work 920 Vine Street Evansville IN 47708 Work Phone: 812-867-2507 Work Fax: 812-401-2657 Website: http://www.corecontractors.com
Member Type: Builder

Corne Construction, LLC

Work 9377 Emily Court Newburgh IN 47630
Member Type: Builder

Cornerstone Homes and Development, LLC

Contact: Mike Schulz
Work 5200 Washington Avenue Evansville Indiana 47715
Member Type: Builder

D & M Construction Inc

Contact: Paul Malone
Work 627 West Washington Street Chandler IN 47610 Work Phone: 812-925-7383 Work Fax: 812-925-7738
Member Type: Builder

Dan Phillips LLC

Contact: Dan Phillips
Work 2715 Pollack Avenue Evansville Indiana 47714 Work Phone: 812-569-3217
Member Type: Builder

Danco Construction Inc

Contact: Sandy Smith Jones
Work 3201 Interstate Drive Evansville IN 47715 Work Phone: 812-479-7000 Work Fax: 812-479-7100 Website: http://www.dancoconst.com
Member Type: Builder

Dauby Construction Inc

Contact: Judy Dauby-305-3286
Work 7432 Brycen Lane Evansville IN 47725 Work Phone: 812-426-0425 Work Fax: 812-426-0425 Website: http://www.daubyconstruction.com
Member Type: Builder

David Finnerty Interiors

Contact: David Finnerty
Work PO Box 23046 Evansville Indiana 47724 Work Phone: 812-319-9501
Member Type: Builder

Denton Construction, LLC

Contact: Joseph Denton
Work Phone: 812-461-7578
Member Type: Builder

Don Dubord Homes Inc

Contact: Matt Dubord
Work 525 Saint Clair Ct Evansville IN 47711-1618 Work Phone: 812-867-5997 Work Fax: 812-867-0613 Website: http://www.dubordhomes.com
Member Type: Builder

Elpers Development Inc

Contact: Paul Elpers
Work 11911 Winery Rd Wadesville IN 47638-9602 Work Phone: 812-963-3435 Work Fax: 812-963-8053 Website: http://www.ElpersDevelopment.com
Member Type: Builder

Exquisite Homes LLC

Contact: Jina Lancaster
Work 1638 Fuquay Road Evansville IN 47715 Work Phone: 812-430-7009
Member Type: Builder

GEN 3 Contracting

Contact: Brayden Elpers
Work 21 Mount Ashley Road Evansville IN 47711 Work Phone: 812-305-7418 Work Fax: 812-401-8003
Member Type: Builder

Goebel Realty & Development

Contact: Marlin Goebel
Work 1011 W Franklin St Evansville IN 47710 Work Phone: 812-422-5520 Work Fax: 812-422-4840 Website: http://www.goebelrealty.com
Member Type: Builder

Haas Homes Inc

Contact: Anna Haas
Work 3820 Oak Hill Rd. Ste A Evansville IN 47711 Work Phone: (812) 477-4663
Member Type: Builder

Habitat of Evansville Inc

Contact: Steve Peters
Work 1401 N Fares Evansville IN 47711 Work Phone: 812-423-5623 Work Fax: 812-423-3362 Website: http://www.evansvillehabitat.org
Member Type: Builder

Happe & Sons Construction

Work 3225 Claremont Ave Evansville IN 47712-4929 Work Phone: 812-424-5077 Work Fax: 812-424-5061 Website: http://www.happeandsons.com
Member Type: Builder

Heidorn Construction Inc

Contact: D.G. Asay
Work 1455 S Stevenson Station Rd Chandler IN 47610 Work Phone: 812-306-3175 Work Fax: 812-925-7817 Website: http://www.heidornconstruction.com
Member Type: Builder

Hinderliter Construction, Inc.

Contact: Mark Hinderliter
Work 3601 N. St. Joeseph Avenue Evansville IN 47720 Work Phone: 812-425-4137 Work Fax: 812-425-5641 Website: https://www.hinderliterconstruction.com/
Member Type: Builder

Hirsch Custom Homes

Contact: Sara Hirsch
Work 6255 Lakeshore Drive Boonville IN 47601 Work Phone: 812-453-3482 Work Fax: 812-490-8890
Member Type: Builder

Homes by Eagle

Contact: Shane Clements
Work 5900 Vogel Rd Suite C Evansville IN 47715 Work Phone: 812-473-4436 Work Fax: 812-473-4434 Website: http://www.HomesbyEagle.com
Member Type: Builder

Homes by Robert Cook

Contact: Mike McNutt
Work PO Box 3463 Evansville IN 47733 Work Phone: 812-424-0775 Work Fax: 812-424-0775 Website: http://www.HomesbyRobertCook.com
Member Type: Builder

Jagoe Homes Inc

Contact: Scott Jagoe
Work PO Box 23019 Owensboro KY 42304-3019 Work Phone: 270-684-0639 Work Fax: 270-683-8288 Website: http://www.jagoehomes.com
Member Type: Builder

JBI Construction, Inc.

Contact: Tim Sigler
Work 10335 Hedden Road Evansville IN 47725 Work Phone: 812-867-5959 Website: http://www.jbiconst.com
Member Type: Builder

JMJ Custom Homes

Contact: Rick Bivins
Work 2502 Fairview Drive Owensboro KY 42303 Work Phone: 270-683-7100
Member Type: Builder

JOB Diversified, LLC

Contact: Owen Baumholser
Work 5744 Riceland Drive Newburgh Indiana 47630 Work Phone: 812-204-2749 Work Fax: 812-853-5924
Member Type: Builder

John Elpers Homes

Contact: Annette Elpers
Work 21 Mt Ashley Rd Evansville IN 47711 Work Phone: 812-402-8000 Work Fax: 812-401-8003 Website: http://www.johnelpers.com
Member Type: Builder

John Mattingly Homes Inc

Contact: Jeremy Mattingly-Cell:760-4361
Work 9011 Stonecreek Circle Newburgh IN 47630 Work Phone: 812-473-0503 Work Fax: 812-858-2906
Member Type: Builder

JRI Woodworks

Contact: Jeff Dickman
Work 1601 Florence Street Evansville IN 47710 Work Phone: 812-401-1234 Work Fax: 812-401-1234 Website: http://jriwoodworks.com/
Member Type: Builder

Kattmann Construction Inc

Work PO Box 8403 Evansville IN 47716 Work Phone: 812-760-5443 Work Fax: 812-473-6683 Website: http://www.oakhillwoods.com
Member Type: Builder

Kinney Realty and Development

Work 8839 Baumgart Road Evansville IN 47725 Work Phone: 812-454-6757 Work Fax: 812-618-0019
Member Type: Builder


Contact: Tim Scheu
Work 9603 Hogue Road Evansville IN 47712 Work Phone: 812-985-5567
Member Type: Builder

M&S Construction

Contact: Marvin Lengacher
Work Phone: 812-486-5625
Member Type: Builder

Maken Corporation

Contact: Dan Ubelhor
Work 3922 Bell Rd, Ste 2 Newburgh IN 47630 Work Phone: 812-853-5261 Work Fax: 812-853-5478 Website: http://www.makencorp.com
Member Type: Builder

Martin Brothers & Co Inc

Contact: Cougar Martin
Work 5833 Prospect Drive Newburgh IN 47630 Work Phone: 812-853-5440 Work Fax: 812-853-5441
Member Type: Builder

Mattingly Homes and Development

Contact: Jeremy Mattingly
Work Phone: 812-760-4361
Member Type: Builder

MCF Construction Inc

Contact: Brian Mullen
Work 7051 Savannah Dr Newburgh IN 47630 Work Phone: 812-853-6852 Work Fax: 812-853-5254
Member Type: Builder

Modern Structure

Contact: Mark Mayfield
Work 11101 Forest Edge Road Evansville Indiana 47712 Work Phone: 812-306-8438
Member Type: Builder

Mominee Homes and Roofing

Work 677 W Tennyson Rd Boonville IN 47601 Work Phone: 812-480-6104
Member Type: Builder
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