Our Members.


Hundreds of companies make-up the SIBA membership.  Our members cover just about every aspect of building and construction.  For remodeling and repairs, or for subcontractor work, or for subdivision information – you need to make the right call.  Find the right professional here in our searchable database of members!

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M&S Construction

Contact: Marvin Lengacher
Work Phone: 812-486-5625
Member Type: Builder

Maken Corporation

Contact: Dan Ubelhor
Work 3922 Bell Rd, Ste 2 Newburgh IN 47630 Work Phone: 812-853-5261 Work Fax: 812-853-5478 Website: http://www.makencorp.com
Member Type: Builder

Martin Brothers & Co Inc

Contact: Cougar Martin
Work 5833 Prospect Drive Newburgh IN 47630 Work Phone: 812-853-5440 Work Fax: 812-853-5441
Member Type: Builder

Marx Concrete, Inc.

Contact: Travis Marx
Work 14616 Martin Station Road Evansville Indiana 47720 Work Phone: 812-963-8037
Member Type: Associate

Matt’s Precision Drywall Inc

Work 12472 S 40 W Haubstadt IN 47639 Work Phone: 812-868-0912 Work Fax: 812-868-0912
Member Type: Associate

Mattingly Homes and Development

Contact: Jeremy Mattingly
Work Phone: 812-760-4361
Member Type: Builder

McCullough Land Improvements, LLC

Contact: James McCullough
Work 6406 Old State Road Evansville Indiana 47710 Work Phone: 812-499-1026
Member Type: Associate

MCF Construction Inc

Contact: Brian Mullen
Work 7051 Savannah Dr Newburgh IN 47630 Work Phone: 812-853-6852 Work Fax: 812-853-5254
Member Type: Builder

Metzger Construction Co Inc

Contact: Heath
Work 655 N Center Rd Boonville IN 47601 Work Phone: 812-925-7544 Work Fax: 812-925-7345 Website: http://www.metzgerasphalt.com
Member Type: Associate

Meuth Carpet Supply

Contact: Dixie Miles
Work 8088 Robin Hill Rd Newburgh IN 47630 Work Phone: 812-853-7361 Work Fax: 812-853-9603 Website: http://www.meuthcarpet.com
Member Type: Associate

Meuth Construction Supply, Inc.

Contact: Roger Meuth
Work PO Box 523 Henderson KY 42419 Work Phone: 270-826-8554 Work Fax: 270-831-5203
Member Type: Associate

Meyer Truck Equipment

Contact: Larry Klausmeier
Work 5716 E Morgan Ave Evansville IN 47715 Work Phone: 812-477-5555 Work Fax: 812-477-6578 Website: http://www.meyertruckeq.com
Member Type: Associate

Michael Couch Landscaping

Contact: Michael Couch
Work 1633 N. Eskew Road Boonville IN 47601 Work Phone: 812-305-2838
Member Type: Associate

Midwest Communications

Contact: Emily Dunbar-Daugherty
Work 1162 Mt. Auburn Road Evansville IN 47720 Work Phone: 812-424-8284 Work Fax: 812-433-3289 Website: http://mwcradio.com/market/15/
Member Type: Associate

Mike Crowell Construction, Inc.

Contact: Mike Crowell
Work PO Box 5513 Evansville Indiana 47716
Member Type: Associate

Miller Block & Brick Co

Contact: Larry Miller
Work 1700 W Franklin St Evansville IN 47712 Work Phone: 812-422-2864 Work Fax: 812-422-9587
Member Type: Associate

Mitchell Trucking & Excavating, LLC

Contact: Dustin
Work 11420 Diamond Island Road Wadesville IN 47638 Work Phone: 812-454-0886
Member Type: Associate

Modern Structure

Contact: Mark Mayfield
Work 11101 Forest Edge Road Evansville Indiana 47712 Work Phone: 812-306-8438
Member Type: Builder

Mominee Homes and Roofing

Work 677 W Tennyson Rd Boonville IN 47601 Work Phone: 812-480-6104
Member Type: Builder

Morley Corp.

Contact: Jim Morley, Jr.
Work 4800 Rosebud Ln Newburgh IN 47630 Work Phone: 812-464-9585 Work Fax: 812-464-2514 Website: https://morleycorp.com/
Member Type: Associate

Morton Solar, LLC

Work PO Box 9104 Evansville IN 47711 Work Phone: 812-402-0900 Work Fax: 812-402-9695 Website: http://www.MortonSolar.com
Member Type: Associate

Mr. Fence, Inc.

Work 1804 N Burkhardt Rd Evansville IN 47715-2355 Work Phone: 812-425-3550 Work Fax: 812-425-3538 Website: http://www.gomrfence.com
Member Type: Associate

Mulzer Crushed Stone

Contact: Keith Wahl
Work PO Box 249 Tell City IN 47586 Cell Phone: (812) 630 6781 Website: http://www.mulzer.com
Member Type: Associate

Murphy Homes Inc

Contact: Chuck Murphy
Work 15333 Reading Drive Evansville IN 47725 Work Phone: 812-205-7622 Website: http://www.murphyhomes.biz
Member Type: Builder

Myers Landscaping

Contact: William Myers
Work 1634 S.Bosse Avenue 10740 Decatur Court Indiana Evansville IN 47712 Work Phone: 812-760-7535
Member Type: Associate