Our Members.


Hundreds of companies make-up the SIBA membership.  Our members cover just about every aspect of building and construction.  For remodeling and repairs, or for subcontractor work, or for subdivision information – you need to make the right call.  Find the right professional here in our searchable database of members!

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Classic Truss and Wood Componets, Inc.

Work 2709 Blackiston Mill Road Clarksville IN 47126 Work Phone: 812-944-5821 Work Fax: 812-948-2177 Website: http://www.classictruss.com/web/default.html
Member Type: Associate


Contact: Ashley West
Home 4899 Eau Claire Ln Newburgh Indiana 47630 Home Phone: 317-829-2760
Member Type: Associate

Comfort Homes

Work 2400 E Morgan Ave Evansville IN 47711 Work Phone: 812-473-5555 Work Fax: 812-473-9999 Website: http://wwwsaycomfort.com
Member Type: Builder

Commerce Bank

Contact: Gene Dawson
Home 20 N.W. 4th Street, Ste 101 Vanderburgh Evansville Indiana 47708 United States Work Phone: 812-492-1800 Work Fax: 812-492-1898
Member Type: Associate

Community One

Work 402 S. Green River Rd. Evansville IN 47630 Work Phone: 812-250-6888 Website: https://www.community1.org/
Member Type: Builder

Complete Design Service

Contact: Bruce Spaulding
Work 5705 E Morgan Ave Evansville IN 47715 Work Phone: 812-473-6433 Work Fax: 812-471-0367 Website: http://completedesignonline.com/
Member Type: Associate

Complete Electric

Contact: Marc Flewallen
Work PO Box 141 Chandler IN 47610 Work Phone: 812-568-5513
Member Type: Associate

Complete Lumber/Kirchner

Contact: Peggy Muth
Work 303 S. 6th St Marshall IL 62441 Work Phone: 217-826-2371 Work Fax: 217-826-5134 Website: http://www.completelumber.com
Member Type: Associate

Concrete Evolution

Contact: Bryce
Work 15401 Posey County Line Road Poseyville IN 47633 Work Phone: (812) 453-9545 Website: https://concreteevo.com/
Member Type: Associate

Concrete Supply, LLC

Work 4300 Vogel Rd Evansville IN 47715 Work Phone: 812-474-6715 Work Fax: 812-474-6717
Member Type: Associate

Conti Homes LLC

Work 7300 Bent Branch Evansville IN 47711 Work Phone: 812-453-9705 Work Fax: 812-401-8821 Website: http://contihomesevansville.com/
Member Type: Builder

Core Contractors, Inc

Contact: Jerri Hatfield
Work 920 Vine Street Evansville IN 47708 Work Phone: 812-867-2507 Work Fax: 812-401-2657 Website: http://www.corecontractors.com
Member Type: Builder

Corne Construction, LLC

Work 9377 Emily Court Newburgh IN 47630
Member Type: Builder

Coronado Stone, Inc.

Work 4306 Charlestown Jeff Road Jeffersonville IN 47130 Work Phone: 812-284-2845 Work Fax: 812-284-0012 Website: http://www.coronadostone.com
Member Type: Associate

Crane Concrete

Contact: Kent Crane
Work PO Box 178 Newburgh IN 47629 Work Phone: 812-470-6977
Member Type: Associate

Cravens Construction Inc

Contact: Jeff Cravens
Work 1335 Korb Manor Drive Evansville IN 47725 Work Phone: 812-867-6202 Work Fax: 812-867-6202
Member Type: Builder

Creative Interiors/Re-Bath

Work 1280 E Morgan Ave Evansville IN 47711 Work Phone: 812-424-2069 Work Fax: 812-424-1050 Website: http://rebath.com/swindiana
Member Type: Builder

Crossroads Construction

Contact: Rick Nightingale
Work Wadesville Indiana Work Phone: 812-605-2870 Website: http://www.crcofindiana.com
Member Type: Builder

Culligan of Evansville

Contact: Jeffrey Gore
Work 377 Fuquay Road Chandler Indiana 47610 Work Phone: 812-853-5000 Work Fax: 812-853-5050
Member Type: Associate

Custom Cabinets and Furniture, LLC

Contact: Gary Graber
Work 4578 N 875 E Montgomery Indiana 47558 Work Phone: 812-486-2503 Work Fax: 812-486-2703
Member Type: Associate

D & M Construction Inc

Contact: Paul Malone
Work 6855 Greenwood Rd Chandler IN 47610 Work Phone: 812-925-7383 Work Fax: 812-925-7738
Member Type: Builder

Dal Tile

Contact: Jason Hedges
Work 1425 N Cullen Ave Evansville IN 47715 Work Phone: 812-471-0019 Work Fax: 812-471-5890 Website: http://www.Daltile.com
Member Type: Associate

Danco Construction Inc

Contact: Sandy Smith Jones
Work 3201 Interstate Drive Evansville IN 47715 Work Phone: 812-479-7000 Work Fax: 812-479-7100 Website: http://www.dancoconst.com
Member Type: Builder

Dauby Construction Inc

Contact: Judy Dauby-305-3286
Work 7432 Brycen Lane Evansville IN 47725 Work Phone: 812-426-0425 Work Fax: 812-426-0425 Website: http://www.daubyconstruction.com
Member Type: Builder

David Finnerty Interiors

Contact: David Finnerty
Work PO Box 23046 Evansville Indiana 47724 Work Phone: 812-319-9501
Member Type: Builder

Davis Homes

Work PO Box 448 Newburgh IN 47629-0448 Work Phone: 812-858-9910 Website: http://www.davis-homesinc.com/home.html
Member Type: Builder

Denton Construction, LLC

Contact: Joseph Denton
Work Phone: 812-461-7578
Member Type: Builder

Devine Custom Painting

Contact: David Devine
Work 915 W Franklin Street Evansville IN 47710 Work Phone: 812-454-0172 Website: http://devinepainting-in.com/home/3202663
Member Type: Associate

DL Granite

Contact: Lloyd Wittmer
Work 15005 N 900 E Odon IN 47562 Work Phone: 812-636-2311
Member Type: Associate

Don Dubord Homes Inc

Contact: Matt Dubord
Work 525 Saint Clair Ct Evansville IN 47711-1618 Work Phone: 812-867-5997 Work Fax: 812-867-0613 Website: http://www.dubordhomes.com
Member Type: Builder

Don Koester Masonry Inc

Work 10220 John Will Road Wadesville IN 47638 Work Phone: 812-454-5474 Work Fax: 812-963-6237 Website: http://www.donkoesterconstruction.com
Member Type: Associate


Contact: Dan Phillips
Work 2715 Pollack Avenue Evansville IN 47714 Work Phone: 812-589-3217
Member Type: Builder

Edwards Concrete Construction

Contact: Brian Mooney
Work 1550 Yokel Rd Evansville IN 47711-2867 Work Phone: 812-424 7888 Work Fax: 812-424-1599 Website: http://www.edwards-concrete.com
Member Type: Associate

Elfreich General Contracting and Consulting, LLC

Contact: Steve Elfreich
Work 10417 Downen Road Wadesville IN 47638 Work Phone: 812-459-3036
Member Type: Builder

Elite Concrete Services

Contact: Josh Wongler
Home 1023 Nicholas Dr. Warrick Boonville IN 47601 United States Work Phone: 812-459-4724
Member Type: Associate

Elite Insulation, LLC

Work 2505 Locust Creek Dr Evansville IN 47720 Work Phone: 812-598-7141 Website: http://www.eliteinsulationllc.com/home.html
Member Type: Associate

Elliott’s Excavating

Work 111 Elliott Dr Chandler IN 47610-9659 Work Phone: 812-925-6955
Member Type: Associate

Elpers Development Inc

Contact: Paul Elpers
Work 11911 Winery Rd Wadesville IN 47638-9602 Work Phone: 812-963-3435 Work Fax: 812-963-8053 Website: http://www.ElpersDevelopment.com
Member Type: Builder

ERA First Advantage Realty Inc

Contact: Ryan Mitchell
Work 8711 Hwy 66 Newburgh IN 47630 Work Phone: 812-858-2400 Work Fax: 812-858-1140 Website: http://www.erafirst.com
Member Type: Associate

ERB Equipment Company

Contact: Branden Hallem
Work 9800 SR 57 10730 Decatur Court Indiana Evansville IN 47725 Work Phone: 812-473-0484 Work Fax: 812-473-1181 Website: http://erbequipment.com/
Member Type: Associate

Evansville Blinds and Shutters, LLC

Contact: Jason Boyle
Work Phone: 812-632-0281 Website: www.evansvilleblindsandshutters.com
Member Type: Associate

Evansville Courier and Press

Contact: Cheryl Trice
Work 300 E Walnut St Evansville IN 47713 Work Phone: 270-831-8308 Work Fax: 812-464-7607 Website: http://www.courierpress.com
Member Type: Associate

Evansville Deck and Fence

Contact: John Jones
Work Phone: 812-760-3924
Member Type: Associate

Evansville Teachers F.C.U.

Work 4405 Theater Drive PO Box 5129 Evansville IN 47716 Work Phone: 812-568-5274 Website: https://etfcu.org/
Member Type: Associate

Evansville Tile Distributors

Contact: Mike Board
Work PO Box 5542/1501 N Cullen Ave Evansville IN 47716 Work Phone: 812-473-8453 Work Fax: 812-473-7023 Website: http://www.evansvilletiledist.com
Member Type: Associate

Evansville WinSupply, Inc.

Contact: Scott Schapker
Work PO Box 3933 Evansville IN 47737-3933 Work Phone: 812-425-4201 Work Fax: 812-423-4261 Website: http://www.ewinnelson.com
Member Type: Associate

Exquisite Homes LLC

Contact: Jina Lancaster
Work 2205 Duffers Lane Evansville IN 47725 Work Phone: 812-430-7009
Member Type: Builder

F C Tucker Emge Realtors

Contact: Kathy Briscoe
Work 4841 E Virginia St Evansville IN 47715 Work Phone: 812-473-0123 Work Fax: 812-473-6683 Website: http://www.fctuckeremge.com
Member Type: Associate

F&S Plumbing

Work 6216 Kratzville Road Evansville IN 47710 Work Phone: 812-449-7680 Work Fax: 812-401-7311
Member Type: Associate

Federated Insurance

Contact: Alby Ransom
Work 377 Geneva Way Boonville IN 47601 Work Phone: 812-480-9462 Website: http://www.federatedinsurance.com
Member Type: Associate