Our Members.


Hundreds of companies make-up the SIBA membership.  Our members cover just about every aspect of building and construction.  For remodeling and repairs, or for subcontractor work, or for subdivision information – you need to make the right call.  Find the right professional here in our searchable database of members!

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Nick’s Residential Electric LLC

Contact: Nicholas Sterczer
Work 5479 E. 250 S. Francisco IN 47649 Work Phone: 812-664-1304
Member Type: Associate

Niehaus Construction LLC

Contact: Chris Niehaus
Work 3377 Bell Road Newburgh IN 47630 Work Phone: 812-853-9731
Member Type: Associate

Niehaus Lumber Co, Inc.

Contact: Eric Niehaus
Work 13020 Hwy 57 Evansville IN 47725 Work Phone: 812-480-4993
Member Type: Associate

Nord Enterprises Inc

Contact: Jerry Nord
Work 1601 West Summit Dr Evansville IN 47712 Work Phone: 812-457-1889 Website: http://www.nordenterprisesbuilderanddeveloper.com
Member Type: Builder

Oakridge Group, LLC

Contact: Lee Chandler
Work 1301 Mortensen Lane Evansville Indiana 47715 Website: http://www.magnoliaridgenorth.com
Member Type: Builder

Odyssey Construction, LLC

Contact: Adam Kunkel
Work Phone: 812-589-2952 Website: http://www.odyssey-construction.com/home.html
Member Type: Builder

Old National Bank

Contact: Matt Merkel
Work PO Box 1343/1 Main St/2nd Fl Evansville IN 47706 Work Phone: 812-465-0622 Work Fax: 812-464-1262 Website: http://www.oldnational.com
Member Type: Associate

Osbourne Construction, LLC

Contact: Ryan Osbourne
Work 1155 N. Stevenson Station Road Chandler IN 47610 Work Phone: 812-568-3939
Member Type: Builder

Overton & Sons Concrete LLC

Work 545 Brookview Dr Evansville IN 47711 Work Phone: 812-305-2892
Member Type: Associate

Owensboro Insulators

Work 2101 Northwood Drive Owensboro KY 42301 Work Phone: 270-314-1691
Member Type: Associate

Paragon Sight, Sound & Security

Contact: John Deters
Work 6600 Toney Lane Evansville IN 47715 Work Phone: 812-306-5544 Work Fax: 812-473-8771 Website: http://www.evansvillehometheater.com
Member Type: Associate

Parker Excavating, LLC

Contact: Logan Parker
Work 719 West Broadway Princeton IN 47670 Work Phone: 812-664-8898
Member Type: Associate

Pella Windows & Doors

Contact: Rick Schapker
Work 5420 Vogel Rd Evansville IN 47715-7819 Work Phone: 812-228-7000 Work Fax: 812-479-8114
Member Type: Associate

Peoples Trust and Savings Bank

Contact: Diane Bremer
Home 7199 Parker Dr Newburgh IN 47630 US Work Phone: 812-942-4550 Website: http://www.ptsb-in.com
Member Type: Associate

Perfect Climate Solutions

Contact: Pat Gick
Work 402 W Elm. Street Haubstadt IN 47639 Work Phone: 812-768-6161 Website: https://www.pcshvac.com/
Member Type: Associate

Phil Kost Construction

Work 10020 Sherry Ln Mt Vernon IN 47620 Work Phone: 812-985-0047 Work Fax: 812-985-5375
Member Type: Builder

Plumbers Supply Company

Contact: Ryan Schultz
Work 1817 W Michigan St Evansville IN 47712 Work Phone: 812-425-3115 Work Fax: 812-425-7919 Website: https://www.plumbers-supply-co.com/
Member Type: Associate

Popham Construction Co

Contact: Tom Smith
Work 4414 E. Covert Ave. Evansville IN 47714 Work Phone: 812-479-5850 Work Fax: 812-473-0848 Website: http://www.pophamconstruction.com
Member Type: Builder

ProSource Whls Floor Coverings

Contact: Amy Bass
Work 5231 Oak Grove Rd Evansville IN 47715 Work Phone: 812-962-2040 Work Fax: 812-962-2041 Website: http://www.prosourcefloors.com
Member Type: Associate

Public Ed Foundation of Ev

Contact: Kent Martin
Work 9295 W 450 S Owensville IN 47665 Work Phone: 812-215-9144 Work Fax: 812-435-8853
Member Type: Builder

Quest 4 Electronics

Contact: Jerry Thacker
Home 4210 E. Morgan Avenue Vanderburgh Evansville IN 47715 United States Home Phone: 812-423-9693 Website: www.quest4electronics.com
Member Type: Associate

R & J Construction

Contact: Robert Graber
Work 10531 North 775 E Odon Indiana 47562 Work Phone: 812-486-8493
Member Type: Associate

R A McGillem Custom Homes

Contact: Ron McGillem
Work 6365 Woodfield Court Newburgh IN 47630 Work Phone: 812-858-8000 Website: http://www.ramcgillem.com
Member Type: Builder

R J C Inc

Contact: Sherilyn Johnston
Work 11121 Pinewood Cir Evansville IN 47725 Work Phone: 812-867-8667 Work Fax: 812-867-5335
Member Type: Builder

Rahman Homes

Contact: Angela Rahman
Work PO Box 356 Newburgh IN 47629 Work Phone: 812-858-1431 Work Fax: 812-858-1431
Member Type: Builder

Ray’s Heating & AC Inc

Contact: Mark Brust
Work 500 N. St. Joseph Ave. Evansville IN 47712 Work Phone: 812-423-7459 Website: http://www.rays-hvac.com
Member Type: Associate

RE/MAX Revolution

Contact: Donovan Wilkins
Home 5401 Vogel Road Suite 840 Evansville Indiana 47715 Work Phone: 812-573-0030 Work Fax: 812-573-0030 Website: Visit us on the web
Member Type: Associate

Reinbrecht Flooring

Work 304 East State Road 68 Haubstadt IN 47639 Work Phone: 812-615-0005 Work Fax: 812-768-6909
Member Type: Associate

Reinbrecht Homes

Contact: Matt Reinbrecht
Work 304 East State Road 68 Haubstadt IN 47639 Work Phone: 812-615-0137 Work Fax: 812-768-6909 Website: http://www.reinbrechthomes.com
Member Type: Builder

Republic Services of Evansville

Work 2017 N Fares Ave Evansville IN 47711 Work Phone: 812-424-3345-X429 Work Fax: 812-421-1434 Website: http://www.disposal.com
Member Type: Associate

Ruoff Home Mortgage

Contact: Jim Maurer
Work 6219 Vogel Road Evansville IN 47715 Work Phone: 812-909-3900 Work Fax: 812-379-8913 Website: https://www.ruoff.com/
Member Type: Associate

RWS Insulation Services

Contact: Danny Koressel
Work PO Box 6199 Evansville IN 47719 Work Phone: 812-746-0962 Website: http://www.rwsinsulationservices.com
Member Type: Associate

S-n-C Construction

Contact: Ross Sutton
Work 13703 North Green River Road Evansville IN 47725 Work Phone: 812-483-1841
Member Type: Builder

S.K. Briscoe Development LLC

Work 7820 Eagle Crest Blvd. Evansville IN 47715 Work Phone: 812-453-0393 Work Fax: 812-473-6683
Member Type: Builder

S&M Precast

Contact: Raymond Graf
Work Phone: 812-246-6258 Website: http://www.smprecast.com
Member Type: Associate

Saint Joseph Construction CO., LLC

Contact: Elizabeth Haas
Work 7499* Tyring Road Newburgh Indiana 47630 Work Phone: 812-853-2464
Member Type: Builder

Schaef Air Heating and Colling. Inc.

Contact: Jeremy Schaefer
Work 2460 Strongtown Road Evansville IN 47714 Work Phone: 812-550-0698
Member Type: Associate

Scheessele & Sons Construction

Contact: Richard Scheessele
Work 7040 Savannah Dr Newburgh IN 47630 Work Phone: 812-853-8423 Work Fax: 812-853-8423 Website: http://www.scheesseleconstruction.com
Member Type: Builder

Schenk Sod Farm

Work 9073 S Schenk Drive Vincennes IN 47591 Work Phone: 812-882-4640 Work Fax: 812-882-0672
Member Type: Associate

Schiff Air Cond & Heating Inc

Contact: Jimmy Schiff
Work 1315 W Columbia St Evansville IN 47710 Work Phone: 812-423-0056 Work Fax: 812-423-0891 Website: http://www.schiffair.com
Member Type: Associate

Scholz Drywall & Interiors Inc

Contact: Phil Preece
Work 609 N Weinbach Ave Evansville IN 47711 Work Phone: 812-476-1315 Work Fax: 812-473-2943
Member Type: Associate

Selective Homes by Chad & Dad

Contact: Walt VanZilen
Work 5100 Anderson Rd Newburgh IN 47630 Work Phone: 812-449-9149 Work Fax: 812-205-2795 Website: http://www.selective-homes.com
Member Type: Builder

Service Glass Inc

Contact: Amanda King
Work 401 N Fulton Ave Evansville IN 47710 Work Phone: 812-425-6134 Work Fax: 812-425-6134
Member Type: Associate

Sherwin Williams

Work 811 S Green River Rd Evansville IN 47715 Work Phone: 812-476-4951 Work Fax: 812-476-4969
Member Type: Associate

Shoot Drywall Interiors and Paint, LLC

Contact: Brandon Shoot
Work 1251 Olive Court Evansville Indiana 47714 Work Phone: 812-604-4029
Member Type: Associate

Southwestern Indiana Land Title

Work 605 S.E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Evansville IN 47713 Work Phone: 812-425-0055 Work Fax: 812-425-8456 Website: http://swinland.com
Member Type: Associate


Contact: Amy Williams
Work 1900 N Fares Ave Evansville IN 47711 Work Phone: 502-357-4710
Member Type: Associate

Spindler Law

Contact: Jason Spindler
Work 112 North Main Street Princeton IN 47670 Work Phone: 812-506-4074 Work Fax: 812-506-4074
Member Type: Associate

Springs Valley Bank and Trust Co.

Contact: Emily Rexing
Work PO Box 830 Jasper Indiana 47547 Work Phone: 812-634-1010
Member Type: Associate

Sterchi Homes Corporation

Work 8820 Big Hill Dr Evansville IN 47711 Work Phone: 812-867-0915 Work Fax: 812-867-0915
Member Type: Builder